The Fosters 2×20 “Not That Kind Of Girl” Promo, Press Release, Promotional Photos & Sneak Peeks.

Callie meets another roadblock in her pursuit of a happier future, leading her to confront past demons. Mariana, troubled by the uncertain future of Ana’s baby, follows up on a letter Ana wrote to relatives. Meanwhile, Jude faces the painful fallout of a bad decision. Lena confides in Monte about her difficulties at home.

The Fosters 2×19 “Justify The Means” Promo, Press Release, Sneak Peeks & Promotional Photos.

Stef confides in Lena and Callie about a plan that will make it possible for the Adams Fosters to adopt Callie, but she’s not being fully honest about some of the steps she’s taken to put the plan in motion. In turn, Lena hasn’t been completely truthful with Stef about her conflicting emotions over expanding their family. Meanwhile, Brandon has an opportunity to pursue his dream of being a classical musician, but it could come at a price. Jude breaks the rules in order to be with Connor and faces dire consequences.

Set to premiere on Monday, March 9, 2015.

Maia Mitchell, Teri Polo & Sherri Saum on The View. (February 26, 2015)

(The Interview starts at the 20:20 mark)

The Fosters “Over/Under” Promotional Photos, Promo, Press Release and Promo.

As Callie tries to wrap her head around Robert’s change-of-heart, an ambulance shows up at the Quinn’s house. Stef and Lena find themselves on opposite sides of several issues, including Lena’s sudden decision to quit her job. Brandon is offered an opportunity to attend a prestigious summer music program. Mariana struggles when her dance team leader changes the lineup the day before the competition.

Meanwhile, Jesus secretly attends Ana’s AA meeting and is shocked by what he hears.

The Fosters Christmas Special set to air on December 8th on ABC Family.